Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eye Doctor and Extras

Alyssa and James went to the eye doctor in April. 

Today it was Faith and Jon's turn.  

Here is Faith in the chair.

Here is Jon.  His exam is already done.  Those two green lights are not his eyes - they are from the computer behind him ;)

Here is the letter that Faith had to read.  Haha! 

Turns out that Jonathan has excellent vision (like Alyssa) and Faith needs glasses. 

So, she picked out some frames and we are waiting for the call that they are ready.  We also got her Rx so that we can shop around for frames.  The frames at the little eye doctor that we go to are mucho dinero.

Here they are in the stylish disposable shades provided by the eye doctor.  I made sure to get them today because they sent James and Alyssa home without them last month - doh!  See our van in the reflection on the window?  Cool.

 Andrew hung upside down from the couch last week.

I discovered this in my bathroom the other day.  On further investigation I found that it was Jon who had made this mess.  I also realized that he's only using cold water to wash his hands . . .

I have roses in my front garden!

During James' last week of school we visited the nearby park a couple of times after dropping him off for a test.  I had tried previously to get Matthew to swing in the baby swing but he was not interested.  He wouldn't even sit in there.

But this day was different.

Everything just felt right to him I guess and he let me sit him in there and push a little bit.

He liked his first swing ride.

Skinny little legs.

Yay for swinging! 

Speaking of James, his Spring semester grades were finalized this morning.  He ended up with straight A's again. 

Yay!!  We had a pizza and game night last week to celebrate.  We're so happy for him! 

Today I made camping reservations for June.  We are going to celebrate Andrew's 5th and James' 14th birthdays at Tickfaw.  Should be fun!  Because we have more than 6 people we are forced to reserve two sites - Boo!  But it will be okay.

We'll keep you posted.


The Resident Farmer said...

Well, some of us need help with our peepers and some of us don't. I've been wearing glasses for over fifty years now. The good thing is, my vision with glasses is better than 20/20. Haven't missed a deer yet. The kid's shades are cool. Congratulations James. Yay! Tickfaw? I want know to what a tickfaw is. C'mon, you can tell me. I can keep a secret.

Farmer's Wife said...

You Smiths certainly lead a busy life. Glad everyone is getting eyes checked. That's important to take care of your eyesight. Congratulations to James, really good job!!
Jon may have left a mess, but at least he's washing his hands. hahahahaha
Love you all