Friday, May 11, 2012

James and Jon and Crawfish

A boy and his pizza.  

We celebrated James' first year of college with pizza and some Xbox. 

Here's to a fun summer for him! 

Tomorrow is round 2 of crawfish boils for us. 

I plan to take some pictures tomorrow to share.  We had a boil last weekend with our homeschooling friends. 

Here is a picture, taken by a friend, of Jonathan at the crawfish table.  He had a respectable little pile of heads and shells there.  I think he liked it. 


Farmer's Wife said...

Looks to me like there was something he didn't like about it.

Corinna said...

He's holding tight to his water bottle because it's spicy :). It looks like he's surveying the table. It takes planning and determination to eat those things. Haha!