Monday, January 9, 2012

Yikes!  It's been almost a week since I posted.  (Don't tell Ted! Ha!)  

On Saturday we took the kids to Target so they could spend their Christmas Gift Certificates.

Look at Andrew up there on the left.  I have no idea . . . 

This is what Andrew picked out.  A new game for the XBox.

After much wailing over a pillow-pet (which he already has at home) Peter picked out a Captain America sheet set.  

The rest of the kids did some shopping as well.  Then we had to bring James to church for practice with the Salvation Station musicians.

We had the windows down in the van and Peter's hair was blowing.

Jon picked out a Mike the Tiger pillow pet for his gift at Target.  

A girl and her new jeans.  She's happy!

Andrew also got some licorice.


Peter got some licorice too.

We went home and put the sheets on Peter's bed.  

He was happy (and tired).

Tonight is the BIG GAME!!  

LSU vs Alabama in the BCS Championship game.  

We're planning on pizza, chips and dip and some cupcakes to celebrate the big WIN  LOSS!! 

Well, at least the chips and salsa were good!