Sunday, January 29, 2012

Taxes and Lizards

We've been really busy here - surprised huh?  Also have a cold going around the house.  Brian has it the worst this time.  

This week we spent working on school.  James had his second week back at LSU also.  So far it's going well for him.  He was glad to get the same math teacher - we had to drop/add and get on a waiting list or two (I was a little nervous about that) - but he's comfortable with the teacher and knows the ins/outs of how he runs his class.  

I spent a few days wrestling with TurboTax.  I was finally able to e-file our taxes and got our filing fees back due to a TT error that was preventing me (and scores of others) from filing.  Most likely won't use them next year.  H&R Block experiences out there??  I'm just glad to have it done and in record time this year :)!

Jonathan captured an anole lizard in the backyard this afternoon with his bare hands.

It was too big for the glass canning jar we put him in so we had to use one of our plastic flour containers.  

We'll keep him/her around for a little while.  Until the novelty wears off Until Jon pokes larger holes in the plastic wrap on top and the lizard escapes.  (In other words, we'll keep him for about 14 minutes.)

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