Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nothing too exciting going on here - I guess we've been too busy or too boring to post anything this week.  I checked my camera and I only have pictures of the suspicious car in the neighborhood and the dirty dishes that I was practicing low-light photos with.  Nothing too blog-worthy.  

I've also been sick this week.

Just for fun . . .

This is a picture of our backyard from September 2007.  We had just purchased that swing set for the kids.  Look at the lush green lawn.  Four years later the yard looks like a wasteland of dirt and large holes where the boys "didn't dig" in the yard.  The satsuma trees have really grown in that time though.  They tower over the fence now.  

P.S.  Grampa - remember when you stayed with us for a month last summer and you kept wondering why the bathroom door was closed and no one was in there?  Well, I can confirm that it is because of wandering babies.  Matthew tossed a book in the toilet this morning and it had to be thrown away! 


Farmer's Wife said...

Sorry you are sick Honey. Hope you feel better real soon!

The Resident Farmer said...

Hope you feel better. Wow! That's what your yard looked like? Those darn boys. Boys always get blamed. Yes of course I remember the closed bathroom door, however Matthew was not walking around at that time and Peter was still mostly in diapers. Blaming those poor boys again. I think it's a conspiracy.

Corinna said...

I know! Those 'innocent' boys! Like when they ask to go outside and they promise to stay out of the mud and I end up having to hose them down an hour later!

And the bathroom thing - it's like a magnet for Matthew. He's climbed in the bathtub twice and then cries cause he can't get back out. His other favorite place is James' room - with the legos and nerf bullets.