Friday, February 24, 2012

Valentines Day and More!

So I was able to get the pictures off of my camera so I thought I would share a few from last week.  

Valentines Day began with some heart pancakes.

I will admit thought that everyone only got one heart - I just couldn't keep up and was losing the battle against the empty plates that kept coming back for more.  

We got two heart shaped pizzas for the kids dinner that night.  The one on the left is a little strange looking - but they ate it anyway.

Brian and I had our own pizza - a chicken alfredo something or other and a salad that night after the kids went to bed.  We also watched a movie - but I can't remember what it was . . .

Here is an example of the food I send with James to school sometimes.  

Here is Matthew watching Peter sleep on the couch.  Matthew likes to poke at him while he's sleeping.  Typical brother stuff!

That's all for now.  Stay tuned to find out how we got to be Mystery Diners for dinner last night!

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Farmer's Wife said...

Pancakes look good! And the alfredo pizza too! but don't tell Grampa. hahahahaha