Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fail Bread

Well, Jon was partially right.  I CAN'T make bread.  We've known this all along though.  It's no surprise to anyone here in this household.  I vowed to never do it again anyway.  But, I did it in the name of Science.  

Alyssa is supposed to grow mold on bread and view it under the microscope for science class.  Well, bread from the store is so full of preservatives that it's hard to get it to grow mold.  It just gets hard as a rock and then we throw it out.  So, I thought I'd try and make some fresh bread that we could try and grow mold on.  

Here is the yeast mixture.  

Kneading the dough.

And the final product - after the kids got to it.  The problem with the bread is that it's mostly flat and heavier than I'd like it.  We're calling it "Fail Bread".  Oh well.  The kids still eat it.  I just know that for holidays and any other bun-needing meals, I will buy rolls from the store.  I do make pretty good cinnamon rolls though but that could be because they're covered with caramel and caramel makes most anything better.  

Fail Bread - if you visit, I won't make you any! 


Farmer's Wife said...

Well, you are brave enough to try to make bread from scratch. That is noteworthy in itself!! ...and I totally understand the mold thing. Store bought just won't mold until its really old.
Hope you and Dad are feeling better by now.

JB said...

Did it taste good? It doesn't have to look pretty to taste good. I've got a good no-knead recipe I've used, will try and find it, but it is heavier than store bought sandwich loaf bread (but that's okay, especially for dipping in soup and stuff!).

Did you save some of it to try and grow mold?

Corinna said...

Hey - yeah it tastes ok. It's just not fluffy like I want it to be. We saved it for mold but found mold under Matthew's highchair to look at instead. ACK!! The kids do eat the fail bread.