Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Weekend

Grandma and Grandpa Smith arrived last Friday night about supper-time.  The kids were very excited to see them!  We had a nice turkey dinner that night.  

Saturday was New Year's Eve.  Jon wanted to make sure that we had a walk to look for fireworks.  

We decided to have 'snacks' for supper that night. 

I made pigs-n-blankets for the kids (and adults) that night.  This was the first time I've made them for the kids.  They loved them.  I think we found another New Year's Eve tradition.  

We also made the cheese ball that I make every year.  No pictures of that . . .

We also had quesadillas which were really good!  

We spent the night playing games and watching a movie.  

Of course, New Years is not the same without our root beer floats.   It's a must around here and we look forward to them!  

Peter didn't quite make it . . . to 10 pm!!  So he went to bed early.  The other kids stayed up a bit later.  

One of the most exciting things of the night involved Jonathan . . .

He lost his first tooth!!  He put it under his pillow that night. 

One of the games we played this weekend was Punch Out.  Andrew got this game for Christmas.  

It's basically a boxing game (obviously) but you can play by actually punching with your hands.  

We played a lot of games together.  

We also took a walk through the Bluebonnet Swamp.  

After the swamp we took Grandma and Grandpa over to LSU to show them a tiny bit of the campus where James goes to school.  

We got to see Mike the Tiger - actually moving about and in the water too (totally cool!) and got a picture of them all on the tiger statue.  Not sure what James is doing here . . . Ha! 

We had some nice weather and spent some time outside.  

I think he's eating something here . . . He must not want to share.

Matthew hung out with Daddy!

See his fang tooth??  So funny!

Tickling him so he'll show his teeth!

We had a good weekend but back to work!!  

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The Resident Farmer said...

Awesome post. Awesome video. Looks like G&G Smith are doing well. Especially liked the teeth pic and the one in front of the van where it appears Faith is trying to prevent an escape. The PIB's look yummy. Why would you want to roll cheese into a ball? Is it for one of your games? Doesn't it pick up lint and stuff? I don't get it. Looks like Andrew got a cool game. He looks pretty good at it too. Better keep your eye on him or he'll be going for the Belt.

Luv Ya