Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year to you all!   We're probably still recovering from all of our New Year's activities.  Did the kids stay up until midnight?  Did I win any games?  Did we pig out on New Year's Eve Treats?  You'll have to wait for the update.  Until then, here is another post-Christmas post.

The kids each got a gift certificate for McDonald's for Christmas.  

So we decided to load them all up and descend for dinner on the 26th.  

They were very excited!  

Peter taking a huge bite!

Andrew sporting a hoodie because of the chilly rain outside.  

Jon has the typical set up - burger and fries with ketchup.  

James shows no mercy to his burger.  See his fries down there?

 This is their view.  They're afraid - very afraid.

Matthew also sporting a hoodie.

After dinner it was time for dessert.  While Brian was ordering some ice cream . . . 

Jon and James grew milk mustaches.  

Peter fully enjoyed his dessert.  Fully!  

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