Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Birthday Parties

Last Saturday we had two birthday parties to attend.  The first was a Thomas the Train party for a little friend from church.  The second was for James' friend Chris' 14th birthday (shared with his little cousins turning 3 and 5).  

We arrived a little late and left early from the first party.  We also arrived late at the second party - mostly because we had to drive for an hour to get there.  

They had a Hello Kitty pinata for the little girl who was turning 5.  




James and Chris.

Then Peter got a hold of a cupcake from the table.  The following series is titled "Oh to Love a Cupcake."  

Hope you enjoyed that.  Peter sure did.

 Matthew was along too.  There was a little girl at the party who just loved him.  Her mom recently had a baby boy too so she was following Matthew around saying "Baby, come here, baby!"  It was funny.

James hung out with some friends.  

Jon and his friend (Chris' sister) Kailey.  

We had a good time!  


The Resident Farmer said...

Looks like fun! Great pics. Thanks

Farmer's Wife said...

Everyone having a good time....wish we were there.