Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Update . . .

When we last left you, James had just moved in to his new digs.  He's enjoying it.  The little boys are learning to respect the closed door - it breaks their hearts a little bit though.  Andrew put in a request for a sleepover in James' room sometime in the near future.  

We'll have to see about that.  

After James was moved in and we had the final okay from the permit office, we knew we had to get to work on the A/C thingy.

The connection in the soffit in the schoolroom.

The hole cut through.

Final - from the hallway side.

So far, it seems to be okay.  I mean, it's not as cold as the rest of the house, but it will be fine.  Especially since Fall is coming (upper 70's today Grampa!!).  We'll reevaluate next summer and maybe use the window A/C unit if he needs it. 

We made quite a mess though.

Two little boys . . . 

I roasted two chickens for lunch yesterday.  Yum!

Here I am holding Matthew this morning.

He was chewing on his bottom lip.  No teeth yet though.  Faith took these two pictures.  

 We've started bringing loads back from the big storage garage.  Going through boxes and deciding keep, throw, goodwill or sell.  Have sold some things that we don't need anymore and are giving things we can't use too.  Have to get our stuff weeded through because we just cut our storage in half.  

Brian and James brought several boxes of school books so the big kids and I sorted them out and filled our shelves in the office. 

Helps since we went back to school today too.  

Survived Tropical Storm Lee this weekend.  We had to cancel the picnic we had planned with our friends, but we got a killer mud zone in the backyard that the kids enjoyed yesterday.  They had mud from their heads to their toes.  I didn't get any pictures of them but it was pretty messy.  

That's it for now :)

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The Resident Farmer said...

Looks like you did a good job with the AC. I can see the boy's faces when they were told they couldn't go in there whenever they wanted. :-( Big adjustment, but they'll get used to it.