Saturday, September 17, 2011


 Moving Day!!  Time to move out of our over-priced storage garage.  We borrowed our reasonably-priced storage garage's truck for free!

The Apple Truck as Peter likes to call it!

We loaded it up and drove it home to unload it.  We made three piles.  Give, Store, Keep at Home.  Then we had less than an hour to bring the truck back and take James to LSU for a workshop about studying or something like that.  I left Brian and Faith at the storage garage.  

They were fine though.  The place just happens to be right next to SONIC.  When we got back to meet them they were sitting in the shade enjoying a slush and some food. 

It was happy hour after all!

So we pulled up a table to join them.  It was fun having slushies and burgers while listening to some tunes in the shade with the breeze discussing our storage options.  

James really missed out!  

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