Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gramma's World

Happy Birthday Gramma!  In honor of your 60th birthday, I thought I would chronicle some of the interesting things that took place during some of the Septembers of your life.  

Three days after you were born, Tennessee Williams' adaptation of A Streetcar Named Desire premiered.  

When you turned one, in 1952, the first open-heart surgery was performed at the UofM.

Evelyn Ay, Miss America 1954
In 1954 the Miss America Pageant was televised for the first time.  Evelyn Ay (pictured above) was the winner.

In 1955 Gunsmoke premiered on television.

A young man dancing, swiveling his hips. He has dark hair, short and slicked up a bit. He wears an unbuttoned band-collared jacket over a shirt with bold black-and-white horizontal stripes. Behind him, on either side, are a pair of barred frames, like prison doors.
In 1956 Elvis was on the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time.  You were 5 years old!

In 1957 The Little Rock Nine were escorted to school by the National Guard.

When you were 10, in 1961, Tom and Jerry made a comeback after being gone for a few years.

When you were 15, in 1966, The Metropolitan Opera House opened in NYC with the premier of Antony and Cloepatra.

When you were 20, in 1971,  (October 1) Walt Disney World opened.

File:Viking lander model.jpg
When you were 25, in 1976, you had three kids and the Viking 2 landed on Mars.

When you were 30, in 1981,  Belize became independent.  (You're older than Belize!  Grampa is too!)

When you were 40, in 1991, (Again October) The Twins beat Atlanta in the World Series.

flame erupts from south tower seen from some distance away
When you were 50, in 2001, our country was under attack.

(I didn't want to mention anything tragic that has been in the news, but couldn't help it with this one.)

NASA logo.svg

In 2011, the year you're turning 60, NASA has decided to retire the Space Shuttle program.

These are just some of the things you've lived to see in your short 60 years.  Some of the things that have been in the news.

What's not in the news?

Your childhood
school days
meeting Grampa
getting married
having one
three kids  
balancing kids and career (and dogs)
working hard at a job that none of us could comprehend (what does Mom do anyway?)
sending your kids off into the world
moving from the suburbs to the city
world travel
welcoming grandchildren
moving from the city to the country
raising animals

It's been an amazing 60 years.  I hope you have many more amazing years!

Lots of love from Louisiana!

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Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks so much Honey! Wow, I didn't realize how busy I've been. hahahaha. Also didn't realize all the rest of the things that were also going on. Thanks for this. Love you all!