Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ACK!! It's been over a week already . . .

It's been awhile since I last blogged.  We've been busy - as usual - but some of the kids have been sick and now Matthew and I are sick.  Not fun.  Just a bad head cold but Matthew also had a fever.  Poor little guy.  

Matthew is growing by leaps and bounds!

I snapped these pictures of him a few days ago.

In case you couldn't tell, it is a series of photos of Matthew pulling up on a chair in the living room.  He had done it earlier in the day so we put some toys up there to see if we could catch him to take pictures.  I guess he decided that sitting was overrated and he wants to head right to standing up.  Seriously, he shouldn't be doing this for a few months yet.  He crawls a little but mostly pulls himself around on his tummy and he doesn't sit on his own yet, but he's pulling up on everything!  

In other news . . . 

Our 10 yard roll-off came last Friday.  I had a couple of quotes $375 or $160.  Guess you can figure out which one I chose.  They were very prompt and courteous.  

Brian and James filled it up over the weekend with the scrap wood from the remodel.  They came yesterday and picked it up.  

I'm very glad to have it gone.  Now the kids can play in the yard again which is great because the weather has been cooler.  


The Resident Farmer said...

ACK? HaHa. Gramma and I talked just last night wondering where you were. Glad to see the stuff got cleaned up. Quite a price difference, but I guess it doesn't surprise me. I didn't tell you that I checked into interior doors here. No adjustable jams anywhere. The door guy at Menards thought I was crazy. It's ok if the boy walks before he crawls. You only have to worry if he starts to write before he can read.

Luv Ya

JB said...

It's been cooler here too, glad it is for you too so the kids can get outside!