Saturday, September 24, 2011


Today is Saturday and we're busy.  Couldn't have guessed that huh?  

After a slightly stressful couple of days at school (the joys of doing your Calc assignments on a web-based program tainted with bugs)  James is heading off this morning to somewhere in Mississippi again. He went about a month ago for a children's revival with the worship team from church.  The pastor there  invited them back for a youth rally this weekend.  I guess he's a travelling musician now :)!  He enjoys playing so much and he's excited to be going.  

While he's gone we are going to be picking up our "Apple Truck" one last time to get the remaining shelf unit out of the larger storage garage.  Then we'll be taking it to the smaller one and rearranging everything.  

We'll also be working on getting things organized in our storage room at home.  We cut down a lot of the brush that was against the outside wall of our storage room.  We also have some more painting to do on the outside. Hopefully it will all be done soon.  

Meanwhile, I will leave you with two videos of Matthew.  Don't play them at the same time though, you might get dizzy.  Unless you like that sort of thing - go ahead then.  

The first one is him crawling toward me.  Tummy off the floor now - no more army crawl for this guy.  

This second one is him pulling up on the couch to play with toys.  

Last night he was 'creeping' along the couch while standing.  Can't believe he's not even six months old yet. 

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Farmer's Wife said...

Glad for James that he's become the traveling musician. Great movie clips too! Matthew sure is growing up fast. But then they all do that, don't they. Love you all.