Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We got our tree even earlier this year.  For the past several (maybe 9) years, we've been getting our tree on the day after Thanksgiving - give or take a day.  Well, since we moved to Baton Rouge, Thanksgiving got a whole lot busier with Camp Meeting activities.  It's a lot of fun, but very busy.  

So, we decided to get the tree a week early.  It will probably be a naked tree by the time Christmas comes around having dried up and lost all of the needles, but right now it's beautiful.  

See that sled in the front?  

It's from Great Grandma Berg's Christmas tree.  Love it every time I see it.

We spent a lot of the afternoon getting ready for tomorrow's meal.  

 Making bacon for cheesy potatoes.

Celery, onions and sausage for stuffing.

The girls make a pumpkin pie.

 Now it's the boys' turn to try and make a pie.  Jon is holding onto that bowl for dear life.

They look a little bit unsure.

 Check out the amazement on Andrew's face as he pours in more of the milk.  

 Faith chunking up the bread for stuffing.

 Someone give that baby a crust of bread so we can get something done.

Cute baby with bread.

More of the cute baby with bread.

 Leftover pumpkin pie filling . . . more on this later.

 Girl pie on the left, boy pie on the right.

Home made stuffing (without the giblets - blah!!) - can't wait!!

So, most everything is ready.  I have potatoes boiling and will mash them up tonight.  We'll also put the turkey in the roaster tonight late.  Should be a great meal!  


The Resident Farmer said...

It all looks so yummy(except for the no giblets part). You guys are doing a great job. Sure miss ya. Just me and Gramma this year. Probably talk to you tomorrow.

Love Grampa

Farmer's Wife said...

It's looking yummy (even without the giblets). I added a little pancetta when I made our stuffing today. I had to taste it before putting it in and it was gooooood. Gonna get the brine mixed up for the bird to soak in overnight. Have a piece of pie for me.....from both!!
Love you all.