Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Picking up James

Last Thursday the kids and I went to "college" (that's what the kids call it) to pick up James.  

We're always looking for the opportunity to see the elusive Mike The Tiger walking around in his cage.  

LSU recently celebrated the 75th anniversary of having a live tiger on campus.  

Three things have to allign in order for this to work out.  

1.)  All of the kids have to be dressed and in shoes.  Clean faces are a bonus. 

2.)  There has to be an open spot in the visitor's row that I can confidently fit the van into.

3.)  Mike has to be up off his lazy behind and walking around.  

Sometimes we see him walking, but can't find a spot to park in.  Or, he's walking around but some of us don't have shoes or pants on.  (Mostly Peter with the pants issue)

When we went on Thursday we were all dressed and there was a spot so we took a chance.  

And this is where we found Mike.  

The same place that he was the last time we saw him.

But this time he did move his head around, open his mouth and lick his shoulder.  I didn't catch it on camera though.  

We're bummed out Mike.  

Maybe next time.

So Jon, Andrew and Peter held races on the patio outside of the cage.  It didn't inspire Mike to get up, but Peter's pants fell down.  (at least he had them on)

We met James along the sidewalk in the shadow of Death Valley.
(Can't too many of you say that, huh?)

The little boys miss their brother when he's gone.  They were glad to have him back. 

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