Thursday, November 10, 2011

Brian Bowls

Last Friday afternoon, Brian went bowling with some of the people from his work.  

He came home with a friend.  

It was a trophy he won for "most mechanical arm".  

I'm not kidding :)

Kinda cute!  

On Saturday we went to our favorite pizza place 

 Papa Murphy's!

Where some of the kids watched them make our pizzas. 

The end.



Farmer's Wife said...

Cool Trophy Dad. Not sure what is meant by "mechanical arm" though.
Love you all!

The Resident Farmer said...

Is "Most Mechanical Arm" a good thing? Way to go Dad. It looks kinda scary, keep your eye on it. Hey I been to Papa Murphy's. Cool. Good pizza.

Corinna said...

I think Most Mechanical Arm must be because of his robot-like precision while bowling. Yep! We put it in our closet for now. It's going to go into his office at work.