Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January is Gone

January was a busy month - hence no posting :(  But I'm planning to try and get back to this little blog because we like it so much.  

We had visitors from MN - Brian's parents came down for New Year's again this year.  

We made The Lasagna

And went to the park!

This was back when Gracie was too afraid to slide down the baby slides.  

Peter wasn't afraid though.

One of Grace's favorite things at the park is the baby swing.  

I think she could literally stay in there for an hour or so.

We also practiced our selfies.

We went to Family Night at Chick fil a and got our faces painted.

We put on our shoes and sweatshirts and took walks around the block.

We had muffins for breakfast!

We did school half dressed (like all homeschoolers do)

We did a lot of walking together at the park near our home.

Grace wore the dress she got for Christmas.  Even though I didn't get a photo of her before Alyssa took her to the Crazy Hair Place (aka the sink)

We shopped for chips.  

Peter Sweeter finally lost his first tooth.  He was very excited to join the ranks of toothless kids in the family.  

He got a crispy $1 bill from the Tooth Parent.

And our girl Alyssa got glasses in January too.  

Not me.  Not yet.  I'm just trying on frames for support.  (and so I won't be shocked when I get them in 10 years - baby steps)

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