Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Comes to an End

We rounded out December by baking cookies for Christmas.  

Not pictured are the ever-lovely spritz cookies!

Brian and Alyssa celebrated their 41st and 15th birthdays.

They went to lunch together at our favorite Greek and Lebanese restaurant, Albasha!  

A couple of days later I took Brian to Texas de Brazil.

Where we were interrupted by a phone call letting us know that Peter was locked in the bathroom.  A similar thing had happened to a different door several months ago.  James removed the handle but it still wouldn't open.  So he got to kick in the door and rescue Peter.  

All was well. 

And I replaced the handle - although Matthew thought it was cooler without . . . 

It is pretty cool!

Grace got herself a blanket just for her.  

And then we celebrated Christmas.

With Games

And walks around the block together.

And Christmas Eve Dinner.  

In the morning we had presents!

And so much fun that we spilled out into the hallway after bedtime.

It's been a great year - can't wait for 2016! 

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