Monday, December 7, 2015

The Latest

We had our annual Thanksgiving Day Sequence Tournament again this year and Alyssa was the winner!  

Congratulations Alyssa!

Gracie got to try our cheese ball for the first time.  I think she liked it.

James went shopping for some new duds for church/school/work.

Faith and I helped him pick out some things. 

He ultimately chose the above combinations.  And added a pair of grey dress pants as well. 

After Thanksgiving Brian took the boys to Lowe's to get the Christmas tree.  We set it up and decorated it that night. 

By the next night Grace had taken off a majority of the decorations to play with on the floor.  

Brian and I had a lunch meeting at Zoe's Kitchen over by his work.  We met and had lunch.  It's always awesome to have a lunch meeting!


The shopping has begun - and Gracie is a big girl who likes to pick out fuzzy sweaters and hug the Target dog.

The six (!!) big kids had a Christmas party to go to at church so we took the two littles out for dinner at Chick Fil A. 

Where Matthew is always surprised that he can't have a burger. 

Gracie likes the french fries. 

And Brian got me a peppermint shake - YUM!

The stockings were hung in the kitchen with care and we headed off to another Christmas party

Where this was the scene before the play even started. 

So the two of us ended up out in the lobby so as to not disturb all the other people there with our cuteness. 

After awhile I tag-teamed with Jon and headed back inside for the singing portion of the program. 

Where Peter was sleeping on Brian

And James was falling asleep - not really.

Then I took these goofballs out shopping for more Christmas presents. 

And you get to see TWO pictures of Faith this post!  Yay!!  

Stay tuned for more mayhem as we get closer to Christmas!!  

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