Monday, February 22, 2016

Cones, A Park and a Baby Sister

This past week was interesting.  We came home from somewhere to find a ginormous pine cone in the driveway.  We set it on the table as a decoration and the next day the kids scoured the backyard for all the regular-sized pine cones they could find.  

One of these pine cones is doing its own thing. 

We met Daddy at our favorite park for a picnic lunch and some running around a couple of times.

Pretty nice looking February out there!  Grace loves it. 

The boys brought along a couple of home-made kites to fly as well.  

Gracie and Andrew at the park.

On Saturday the girls decided to sleep in - or they were too tired to get up - so I brought this crew to the grocery store with me to stock up for the week.

Because we have a special birthday coming up as well, we had some other shopping to do.

They wanted me to buy a dancing toilet paper card for Grace - but I went with a puppy one instead. 

Then we headed to the toy aisles where they died.

They're not used to or fond of hanging in the "girl" aisles.  

After successfully loading up the cart we headed home. 

On Sunday we woke up to homemade sticky buns courtesy of Faith.

And Gracie dressed up for church so I grabbed some pictures of her.

So cute in her sweater dress. 

She was hamming it up in the parking lot with James.

And Holding Matthew's hand on the way home. 

Stay tuned for more!  

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