Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Serenade Day 4 ~~ Jamaica

Day 4 dawned early as we approached land.

A quick check of the tv revealed our position.

We got up and dressed and headed out to meet in the centrum area. 

After we all assembled, we headed for our favorite spot in the Windjammer aft open deck for breakfast. 

We could see Jamaica off the starboard side of the ship.  

Good morning, Smiths!

Welcome to Falmouth, Jamaica!

Backing into port. 

Gracie enjoyed her Fruit Loops.

Jamaica, Mon!!!!

Andrew entertained Grace.

And we're off!  

We did some shopping in the port area.

The kids got some souvenirs.

Barefoot baby in Jamaica, mon!

Dancing with the locals - just like I did two years ago.  

We headed back on board where Brian, James, Alyssa and Faith got ready for their ziplining excursion. 

I stayed on board with the other 5 and entered a bean bag toss competition with Grandpa.

We were the only ones who showed up so the boys all won key chains.  LOL.

Then we hit the cabin to get suited and sun screened up for the pool!

Gracie was too little for the kids pool, so we brought along a baby tub for her to splash in.

They boys had a good time monkeying around.

After we were pooled-out we headed for the Windjammer for lunch. 

After lunch, we headed to the cabin for a nap.  

Meanwhile . . . 

While the kids and I were swimming and eating . . . 

Brian, James and the girls were exploring Jamaica.

They took a bus ride . . . 

And did some ziplining. 

In the jungles of Jamaica.

So pretty.

Meanwhile . . . 

Back on board . . . 

The kids woke up from their naps and we headed down to deck 5 to wait for Brian and the kids to return to us - hopefully before sail away.

We were docked next to Oasis of the Seas.  Huge!!

Finally, 30 minutes before all aboard . . . 

They're back!

We met up and watched the sunset together as we sailed away from Jamaica.

Time to get ready for dinner.


Driving the boat

Mom and Matthew

Some of the gang.


Brian and Jon

Faith and Peter at dinner.

Roasted rack of lamb, please.  Thank you!

Sherbet and a lady finger for Gracie.

A great day!  

Stay tuned for Day 5 - Grand Cayman!

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Wife of the Farmer said...

Wow, I'm loving all the pictures! Can almost feel the sunshine. It looks great....good food too and you didn't have to cook, even better!! Thanks for posting these, we're enjoying re-living the adventure. Love you all.