Sunday, January 25, 2015

Days 7 & 8 ~~ At Sea and Back Home

Day 7 was our last day at sea.  We donned our swimsuits and headed for breakfast.

He was ready to spend his last day on board.

After breakfast we hit the kids pool.

Faith helped Grace see what all the fuss was about in there.  

Then we hit up the mini golf course again.  

Grace got brave enough to check out the dog statue. 

Back to the pool where the boys monkeyed around until the slide opened. 

Then we hit the slide hard because it was getting chillier by the minute as we sailed toward Louisiana.

We did lots of things during the rest of the day that I have no pictures of because I didn't carry the camera around much and my phone had died.  

We played cards, had hot chocolate, had a great lunch and dinner in the Windjammer and did some packing.  

We just got our luggage out in the hall before the 11pm cutoff and headed to bed.  

Saturday I was up at 4am.  Checked the ship channel and saw it was 39 degrees as we neared New Orleans.

We got everyone up and went to the Windjammer for breakfast as we slid into the Crescent City. 

After breakfast we hung around in the adult-only pool area while we waited for our turn to get off the boat.

We made it off, grabbed our luggage - including the bag whose tag had fallen off from the unclaimed bags area.  

We headed outside to our van, loaded it up and tried really hard to exit the lot - finally were able to leave after having to replace the ticket that I had misplaced . . . 

And made it home safely!

Thanks for following along with us, we had a great week!!


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