Saturday, September 14, 2013

More Beach

After a morning on the beach it was a bit rainy in the afternoon so we did a little shopping. 

Gulf Shores has a couple of funny tourist shops that we visited. 

Had to get our picture in the shark's mouth.  Looks like he lost a tooth or two on the family before us! 

After looking through the shop and a few of the Surf Style locations that are there, we came away official Pet Owners!!  

We bought two hermit crabs!! 

Meet Rocky

And Adrian!

Later that afternoon we took another bold step . . . 

And dropped a small fortune at the Dairy Queen.  

Several of the kids had never been there.  Jon mentioned several weeks before that he wanted to go to DQ and get that thing that you can hang upside down - The Blizzard Treat!!

When Matthew got his, the spoon was in the ice cream. 
 He squealed and tried to drink through the spoon - he thought it was a straw!! 

So good!  We all got stuffed. 

Brian and I were wishing it was August 1938 - we would have definitely stopped by.  

Grampa . . . 

You're older than the Dilly Bar!!!  

That evening after dinner we went back out to the water.

The sky was so pretty - and we saw a rainbow (hard to see but in the center of the photo).

We took a walk down the beach.

Matthew made hand

and feet prints.

Brian had the idea to pick up some glow bracelets at the store - so we brought them with us on our walk. 

Coolest family on the beach that night!! 


The Resident Farmer said...

Yeah well, I'm older than lots of stuff. I'm older than McDonalds and Burger King, Sonic and Pizza ranch, I'm older than Joe's Crab Shack and personal computers. I'm older than cell phones and colored television. The list is endless. I am however not "Older Than Dirt" no matter what Gramma says. Well, maybe some dirt. Great pics.

Wife of the Farmer said...

More great pictures. Liked the DQ excursion and I'm sure it did cost a bit with your crew. But fun, none the less. Dad had a great idea with the light-up bracelets! Cool! Love you all!