Saturday, September 7, 2013

Beach Photo Shoot

We brought the fancy camera with us on our trip - but I only brought it down to the beach once.  I didn't feel like it was worth the risk of getting sand on/in the lens.  So, most of the photos from the week were taken with our cell phones.  

However, we did take one evening to bring the big camera down and get some relatively nice family photos.  

While we waited for Daddy and James the boys went running down the sidewalk.

 But then Matthew fell down and this happened.

 Poor baby!  We got him a band aid and he was all better.

 There were some cool chairs on the lawn just past the pool.

We found a crab - the tiny light-colored crabs that the kids like to hunt on the beach at night.

Matthew tried to catch it.

 Trying to get seven kids to look at me and smile with their eyes open all at the same time is quite the challenge.

 Especially when one of them (JON!) is chewing gum!!

 Oh well, I tried.

James wanted me to take a series of photos of them all running down the beach.

 We found someone on the beach kind enough to take a picture of all of us, but it was a bit sunny.  

Stay tuned . . . more to come!



Wife of the Farmer said...

Great pics! Keep 'me coming!

The Resident Farmer said...

Wow! You guys clean up really well. Handsome boys, pretty girls, sand in your pants, what could be better? Maybe if we could have taken some of the pics.