Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Taco Pizza, Pete and Other Randoms

Some time ago I mentioned our calendar and how we are eating through the year with a new recipe every month.  It has been fun and challenging trying to get each month's recipe made before the month is over.  

This month was Taco Pizza.  

It actually turned out pretty good.  Everyone seemed to like it - if I remember correctly.

Peter went shopping at Target with his birthday money from G&G Smith and picked out some clothes.  

A Justice League t-shirt

and some rockin' camo shorts. 

I'll leave you with some random pictures that we took around the house today.  

Me and Andrew

Me and Faith

Matthew played with the train set. 

Alyssa took this photo - she did a good job.  

And that's all from the Bayou on this Tuesday in May.   Stay tuned for a random post with photos from my phone - should be fun!

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