Tuesday, May 28, 2013

From the Phone

As promised - I know you've all been waiting, HA! - some random pictures from my phone.  

Matthew getting his hair done for church - pretty handsome!

The kids like to play a game in the van where you earn points by finding and calling out police cars and other cool cars.  

I got a point for this car parked at LSU.  Not the best parking job - but a cool car nonetheless!

Rogue cat.

A few weeks ago I took the kids to the park by our house.  There is a big hill there that they like to run down.  

Four Smiths



Four Smiths

Faith and Peter in the clover

Matthew telling James how he had beaten Jon in a race down the hill, around the tree and back.  

And that's it!  


The Resident Farmer said...

Way Cool! And your last post was too! Such a pretty girl you are and your daughter too.

Wife of the Farmer said...

Pretty terrific pics for 'random'. Keep 'em coming! Love you all!