Saturday, March 30, 2013

Matthew's Birthday

Matthew turned two years old this week.  We celebrated on Friday with lunch and cake.  I took a few pictures of him before he opened presents.  

I love this one.  So serious!!  

Then it was time for cake.  

He told me he wanted a Ninja cake.  So I made a cake to look like a Lego Ninja guy.  

Here is a video for all of you long-distance people who couldn't be with us to celebrate.  

Then Daddy told him he could taste the frosting!  

So he did!  

He had a good party and got lots of presents.  Thanks to everyone who sent cards and gifts!!  

Stay tuned for some random pictures including chair shopping with Peter.  


The Resident Farmer said...

Hey, wow! Great post, great video. We cheered and hollered Yayy!, when he blew out the candles. Awesome.

Luv Ya,

Wife of the Farmer said...

Looks like Matthew had fun and CAKE too! We enjoyed the video too....Fun! Love you all.