Friday, October 2, 2015

We're Back!

We've been MIA for quite awhile - working on a few new projects and generally so very, very busy with everything.  

We, unfortunately, had to say goodbye to our super smart, cute and cuddly Lincoln.  

I am just now able to look at these pictures without crying and missing him like crazy.  

This was the day we said goodbye.

We had him for almost 3 months and in that time Matthew started having trouble breathing at night.  It was to the point of sleep apnea even which is very frightening.  Brian and I started getting little sleep because we had Matthew in our room and we spent lots of time just making sure he was breathing. 

Three trips to the doctor, 10 days of a hard antibiotic and a recommended surgery lead us to make a decision to remove the one thing that changed in his environment before the onset of symptoms.  

We returned Lincoln to the adoption house we had got him from and he spent a few days with a foster family before being adopted by another family.  

That same day we washed all the bedding at the laundry mat and cleaned the house from top to bottom.  That night Matthew's breathing improved by about 90% and has since gotten better and better - no more episodes of sleep apnea although he occasionally snores a bit still.  

He may still, at some point, need surgery, but not now and even though we miss Lincoln, we're so happy to have Matthew breathing easy.

In other news . . . 

We've been shopping - which is not at all unusual.  

But who we saw . . .

And how we did it . . . 

was a little unique.

We got a selfie stick

And took a whole family picture.

Gracie napped

Matthew did school 

And we prepared for the coming winter.  


And a whole bunch of other things.  

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Wife of the Farmer said...

So glad that Matthew is doing better, but very sad to lose Lincoln. Good pics of you all! Love you guys!