Monday, October 19, 2015

Tonsils Part II

Today is day 6 following Matthew's tonsillectomy and adenoid removal surgery. 

Here's an update. . .

We skipped breakfast and headed out to the surgery center early Wednesday morning.

We waited patiently to get checked in.

We got matching bracelets at check-in.  Last time that happened was when Matthew was born!

Yay, bracelets!

They also gave us a pager that would let us know when it was our turn to head to the staging area for surgery.

Soon it was our turn and we headed back to get a new outfit.

He looks good.  I told him he looked like a doctor.  

Still smiling!  Watching cartoons while waiting to be brought back for surgery.

Soon we parted ways.  I had to return to the waiting room where I called Brian to give him an update. 

And then I headed to the gift shop to buy Matthew some balloons.  

About 1/2 hour later the pager went off and I saw the surgeon who said Matthew had done great!  A few minutes later it went off again and I got to see him in recovery. 

Poor buddy was a bit sad while trying to wake up.  I held him in the rocker until he felt a bit better.  Pretty soon he wanted to go home and see Daddy.

We made it home where Brian picked him up out of the car and placed him on the couch for his first of many bowls of ice cream.

This week Matthew has spent a lot of time on the couch. 

We set him up with a little bell to ding when he needs something.

He dings it a lot - but Grace does too!

Chocolate ice cream and his buddy make him happy.

His other favorite soft food is macaroni and cheese. 

A typical lunch this week:  Apple juice, mac n cheese and a pudding cup.

He has been doing really well.  The difference between his breathing at night before and after surgery is amazing.  He has been handling the pain well and he's on an antibiotic to avoid infection.  

He has a post-op checkup with the surgeon on Thursday morning.  :)

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