Monday, February 16, 2015

Pictures, Strep and Projects

So, two years ago I got an awesome camera as a gift from Brian.  Since then I have succeeded in messing around and getting some great pictures.  As Grace's first birthday approaches I decided to get serious about taking some pictures on purpose.  

So, I set up a little "studio" in the living room and snapped away.

They turned out pretty well. 

I also have an awesome phone with a superb camera so I tried some with that.

I used a little editing on my phone and got this.  Kinda cool looking. 

Also last week I had to take this guy to the doctor.  

Selfies in the clinic.

Turns out he has strep throat.

Off to the pharmacy we go . . . 

Is this the face of a sick kid?  I don't think so.  

While we were gone at the clinic and pharmacy, Brian and the kids decked out the hallway.

Now our super hero masks are easily accessible and readily available. 

I love it!  

 Andrew and Peter worked on a birdhouse together.

They hung it on the tree in the back yard.  

Stay tuned for more . . . 

1 comment:

Wife of the Farmer said...

Very good pictures! Gracie sure is frowning up fast. Hope no one else ended up with strep! Love you all.