Thursday, September 25, 2014

Haircuts at LSU

My favorite place in Baton Rouge to get the boys' hair cut is the barbershop at the LSU Student Union. 

Yes, even on game day.

We braved the crowds and traffic and found a parking spot not too far away.

Here's Jon in his before/after

Andrew and Grace were watching tv while they waited.  Grace was tired!

Andrew after.  I didn't get a before.  Jon tried to take a during shot, but it was blurry. 

The barber gave us a 2-for-1 deal so we had some cash left over for the candy machine. 


Then we braved the sidewalks back to the car.  

Flags were flying.

Lots of tailgating going on.

It's hard to see, but there is actually a big screen tv under that white tent.  A little generator sits by the tree to run the tv I guess.  Us?  We choose to watch at home from the comfort of our couch and avoid the lines at the port-a-potties.

But what do we know??

On the way back to the car we saw some tackle dummies.

So they had to mess around with them a little bit.  

Sure beats WonderCuts!

Stay tuned for a post on Gracie!  She's 7 months old already!!

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