Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This year we got our tree a few days before Thanksgiving.  Some of the kids went with Daddy to pick it out.  

We decorated it the same day.  

We had lots of Thanksgiving prep work to do. 

James and Andrew making pies.  

Every year we have a Thanksgiving Sequence tournament.  

This year it was down to Andrew and Daddy.  

It was a pretty serious game. 

Soon the board looked like this - Andrew was blue. 

He looks surprised. 

Daddy got his game face on . . .

And stopped Andrew in his tracks. 

Matthew was bored so he played with the extra pieces. 


Andrew started to get a little goofy too. 

It was down to the wire . . .

And Daddy pulled off the victory.  

Even though my winning streak was over, 

I still celebrated with him :)

Alyssa made a custom certificate. 

And Andrew made one too!  

Happy Thanksgiving!!  

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