Tuesday, October 1, 2013

LSU Barbershop

There is a lack of quality places to get your hair cut in Baton Rouge.  The girls are easy - they just need a trim once in a while, but the boys are another matter.  I can take care of the younger ones myself - I'm not schooled or skilled in hair cutting, but it does the job and, hey, if they're little enough it's not a big deal, right??

Case in point - Andrew

Not too bad.  A little buzzer here and there.  

Then there are these two - 


50% isn't bad . . .

Peter was making a sad face and Matthew was concerned. 

So Matthew tried to help Peter to open his eyes and smile.

I guess it worked.  

Ok - back to haircuts . . .  The older boys need more help than I can give them so we've been searching for a place in town that will do a decent haircut at a decent price.  

At the end of James' last semester we found this place.

It had been right under our noses for a couple of years and we never knew it.  James got a haircut here a few months ago and it turned out well so we decided to bring him and Jon there yesterday. 

Matthew entertained himself by taking pictures with my phone while we waited.

His new shoes.


Andrew again. 

There was a snack machine outside the door so they got snacks while we waited for James' class to start. 

Jon's new 'do


Matthew accidentally threw some garbage into the recycle bin - he didn't know! 

I think he looks pretty good - I didn't get any pictures of James' cut that day but he looks pretty good too.  It's our new favorite place for haircuts! 


Wife of the Farmer said...

Haircuts look pretty good! We laughed out loud at some of the photos....keep 'em coming! Love you all!

The Resident Farmer said...

Hey! I just want you to know you can always bring them to Grampa Berg's Tonsorial Parlor. I've been cutting my own hair for a couple of years now. No charge. Free! Really! Free food too! Just zayin'......

Great pics, luv ya.