Sunday, April 7, 2013

Chris Visits, Strawberries and Shawarma

James friend Chris was visiting with hiss family from Kentucky during Easter.
Fortunately it lined up with Spring Break for James and we were able to have Cris sleep over one night. We had pizza and slushies. 
 And we played Chris' favorite game, Phase 10.
Poker Face
I got my phase!

They boys also had a chance to do some Lego wars with the other kids.  It was a good visit for them. 
Friday I made some caramel corn. 

Or Care-amel corn if you're from around here.
'Twas good!
Saturday we hit up the Fresh Market in search of Tahini and pita bread/chips.  They had so many fancy schmancy things in there.  It was fun to look around.  Then we went to the Produce Market.  We picked up a flat of Louisiana strawberries.   

And we took them to the park in our neighborhood. 

'Bout to hit the playground.

That night we had Chicken Shawarma with hummus for dinner. 

Matthew is ready to eat.

Clockwise form top left:  Chicken Shawarma, pita bread with lettuce, rice and hummus.  I hadn't gotten my pita chips yet. 

Three brothers digging in. 
Matthew was getting very sleepy during dinner. 
Check out this video . . .
At this point I had to go grab him. 

He slept in my arms while the rest of us finished eating.  Sweety. 
I'm reporting Monday morning early for jury duty downtown.  Wonder how that will go!?!  I'll keep you updated! 


The Resident Farmer said...

AWWWWW! Poor little guy. Your brother used to do that all the time.

Wife of the Farmer said...

I had to google chicken shawarma, never heard of it. Sounds kinda good. :)