Monday, April 1, 2013

Chair Shopping, Flowers and Mud

Over the weekend we did some chair shopping.  We went to Office Depot to look at some office chairs.  They were having a sale and had some chairs right in the front of the store.  As we were testing them out we looked to the right and Peter was also testing out a chair. 

A different kind of way to test out a chair. 
He was having fun. 
My rose bush is blooming. 


The roses are both from the same bush but they look so different. 
It rained yesterday.  So, that means that my yard,
And my boy are covered in mud. 
So, innocent and cute. 
The older boys were also out there, but they're not quite as muddy. 


They're still goofy though. 


Wife of the Farmer said...

Oh, how cute! Laughed out loud at that little muddy boy! Pretty roses too. Love you all!

The Resident Farmer said...