Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Habanero Brownies!

 Habanero Chili peppers are very, very spicy.   We sometimes chop one up very small and add it to our chili. Brian found a recipe online for brownies made with habaneros so we decided to try it.  

They look like regular brownies,  but they're not.

While they were baking, Andrew gave me a whole schpeel about how he likes 'regular' brownies and "why can't we just have regular brownies?" etc. etc.  It was quite funny.  I didn't think he was even going to try them.  

But he did and he liked them.  He even had seconds.

I'm not sure about this picture because Peter had seconds too.  But, maybe they were a little spicy for him.  

Everyone liked them.  They were a strange combination of sweet and spicy.  We also had vanilla ice cream with them.  They reminded me of cinnamon candy because there was definite heat there but sweetness as well.  


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