Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hats, Jury Duty and Banana Bread

We took a girls only trip to Target to look for purses and the hats were RIGHT THERE so we had to try a couple on.

I got another summons for jury duty - lucky me.  I had to report on Monday to the courthouse downtown.  

Excited to fulfill my civic duty.  Ha!

I waited in a room with nearly 300 other people for four hours.  

Then I was told I could go to lunch - but I couldn't leave the building.  

Good thing there is a cafeteria in the courthouse - although the menu had no prices.  

I paid $7.50 for a burger/fries/drink and set myself up by the window.  

When I finished I noticed that some folks had arrived.  

I waited two more hours in the courthouse only to be told to return on Wednesday.  

Thankfully, on Tuesday afternoon, they called to tell me that the case had been settled and I was done!  Yeesss!

Two more years of exemption - I'll probably have another summons in a few years . . . it being random and all of that.

This morning Grace and I got together and made banana bread!

She peeled the bananas.

We devoured two loaves at lunchtime.  It was soo good!  

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Wife of the Farmer said...

Love the pics of you and Gracie baking! So cute!