Friday, July 10, 2015

Kitchen Reveal!

It's finally here, folks!  The  moment you've all been waiting for.  The reveal of our kitchen counters.

But first,  what state do you see in our demolition?  

If you said Minnesota, grab a prize!  
*prizes not included*

When we got the call that our counter was going to be installed, we decided to begin the demolition. 

We removed the sink and cook top and began chipping off the tiles. 

 We discovered Minnesota and the fact that this counter was built to withstand hurricane-force winds.  That night we opted for the installers to do the removal.


Here is the kitchen on install day.

And during demolition.

After the counter was placed and before the cuts were made.

New cook top installed.  

Because we weren't sure if the new counter would fit snugly under the old tile back splash, and because we didn't know if the tiles would be damaged anyway during the removal, we opted to have them removed.

Counter top looks nice, but work needs to be done on the walls.

So we chose a stainless steel tile for the back splash.


Stay tuned for some random happenings!


Wife of the Farmer said...

How beautiful is that!! WOW!! So, nice....fabulous! Can get a lot of cooking and washing up done now and it will be fun, right? Love to you all!

marysmith said...

Looks very nice!