Monday, March 10, 2014

2 Weeks!

Grace is two weeks old today.  It has been a busy two weeks.  

Playing together on the couch.

Singing with Mom and Dad. 

She had her first bath. 

And lots of kisses from big brother Matthew. 

Teeny tiny baby feet.

One day last week a friend of mine - and a friend of hers - came over to visit. 

Grace had her first official photo shoot right there in our living room. 

She's a model, you know what I mean . . . 

A little teaser from the photo shoot. 

More kisses from big brothers. 

So cute.

Grandma and Grandpa Smith left this afternoon.  We want to thank them for being here for us when Grace was born.  We really appreciate it!  


Wife of the Farmer said...

She's a beauty, just like her Mom. Love you all, kisses and hugs all around! xo

The Resident Farmer said...

She's a beauty
A real cutie
And like all our girls
A Sweet Patootie