Monday, July 29, 2013

ACK! Almost Two Weeks . . .

. . . have gone by since I posted.  

Some random things from recently.

Magnolia blossom.  They smell so good.  

Picked up some donuts for the kids at the store. 

Super cheap shirts at Walmart. 

Saints too!  

International Youth Camp was held at church last week.  

Guess which van is ours . . . 

Jon and his friend Kailey.

James and his friend Chris (Kailey's brother)

James and the group of kids he stayed with for camp.  He had a good time but we're glad to have him home!  


theresidentfarmer said...

Well, we know it's not one of the Fords and the other two Chevys look too small, so, I'm guessing it's the one that's not backed into the parking spot. How'd I do? I expect we' ll be getting some LSU t- shirts at that price. Awesome.

Grampa B.

Corinna said...

Ours is the furthest one on the left.

What size shirts do you need?