Thursday, October 20, 2011

EEK! It's Thursday already . . . Mostly Matthew

It's been awhile since I posted last.  I'm trying to not fall off the blogosphere - whatever that is.  Also, trying to keep ahead of Ted and his blog - not hard to do that.  HA!  (maybe a little public ribbing will cause him to post more - we'll see)

Brrrr!  It was COLD this morning.  The kids love it!

Andrew eats pudding.

 Peter was proud of his traffic jam.  


Matthew makes this really funny face sometimes.  He scrunches up his little nose and opens his mouth wide.   I was trying to catch it on film.  The following pics are a result of that.  He's eating a cracker in some of the pictures. 

This is pretty close to what it is.  

Look closely and see his first tooth peaking out.  He was sleeping - the only way I could get a picture of it.  

Alyssa and Matthew.

Faith and Matthew.

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The Resident Farmer said...

Haven't laughed so hard since I was in "The Swamp", pretty funny. Nice to see the girls.

Love ya.