Saturday, June 14, 2014

James is 16!

James turned 16 last week, doh!

It all started with the "Measuring of the Child"

We have a board in the laundry room where we measure each kid on their birthday. 

Watch the kids grow.  It's really fun seeing how they relate to each other at each age. 

James has been hanging out alone at the top of the chart.  Finally officially above 6 feet. 

After church James had some friends over for pizza.

Then we had cake.

I made him a Captain America cake.

He loved it!  Haha!

Red, white and blue on the inside.

After lunch the kids played games.

They also did some keyboard and guitar playing.  

Later that evening we took some informal family photos with the birthday boy.

James and the girls.

Gracie was enthralled with the ceiling fan and light.  

Bunches o' boys

What a character!  Happy Birthday James!

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